About Ciao Bella Francesca

Hey, I am Francesca, owner of Ciao Bella Francesca.
Francesca Certified Crystal Healer


I'm obsessed with skulls, crystals, watercolor and gold (can ya tell?)! I survive off of coffee, wine and laughter. I dance and wiggle when I'm eating delicious grub and I cry at stupid TV shows/movies. I rock out in my topless (sometimes doorless) Jeep and I don't even care who is watching!
Yes, attitude is everything but you don't have to be all about the unicorns, rainbows, and damn butterflies to love life (Sometimes it's about tattoos, skulls, gold, crystals, potions and Rock 'N Roll).
Certified as a Crystal Healer I love to guide and inspire others on how to navigate this crazy rough life with the help of mother nature's amazingly beautiful crystals, gemstones and plants (in essential oil form). I am always learning and trying out new ideas and practices and I would love to have you along for the ride!
Originally from the Seattle area, I live in Virginia Beach with my husband, son, standard poodle, and sphinx cat. 
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